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PO Box 820
Ferron, UT 84523


Meeting Schedule 2018

City Government

City Hall
Address: 20 East Main
PO Box 820 Ferron, UT 84523

Phone: 435-384-2350
City Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Closed Holidays

City Council Meeting: 7:00 pm on the 2nd Thursday of each month. To have an item placed on the agenda, please contact City Recorder, at 384-2350 no later than 12 noon on the Monday prior to council meeting.

Zoning Information: Planning and Zoning Meetings 7:00 pm on the 1st Tuesday of each month as needed. Please Submit items to the City Recorder by 10:00 am the Friday prior to the meeting in order to be on the agenda

City Services:

Business Licenses
Cemetery Information
City Treasurer - Tami Bennett 435-384-2350 ext 1

Accounts Payable
Records Management
Planning Commission
Meeting Information
City Recorder - Jaime Anderson 435-384-2350 ext 3

Population - 1,623
Elevation - 5,600
Mayor: Trent Jackson--City Adminsitrator, CVSSD Board Member,Golf Course, Recreation/County Rec. board member, Peach Day's Dinner, Employee Christmas Party, Economic Development

Council Member: Dell Mead-Mayor's Park / New Park Development, Deputy Treasurer, Fire Department, City Christmas celebration, Peach Days - Demolition Derby/ Dance, Economic Development

Council Member: Craig Nielson--Road Department - Sidewalks/Curb & Gutter/Drainage/Streetlights/Signs, Emergency Preparedness, Equipment Repair/Maintenance, Stock Show- Council Rep., Peach Days - Dessert Contest, Sidewalk Picasso, Soapbox Derby, Economic Development

Council Member: Randy Fox--Public Lands Council, Cemeteries, Animal Control, Board of Adjustment Council Rep.,  Peach Days -Horse Races / Ranch Rodeo/Team Roping, Economic Development 

Council Member: Adele Justice--Beautification, Youth City Council, Deputy Recorder, Water/Sewer/Garbage, Peach Days - Fun Day/Fun Run/Bike Ride Chairperson, Pageants, Economic Development

Council Member: Ronny Bloomer--Planning Commission Member,Fair Ground Facilities, Building and Equipment Maintenance and Repair, Peach Days - Parade / Field of Flags, Economic Development

City Office
Recorder: Jaime Anderson--Planning and Zoning,City Council Agenda & Meeting,Accounts Payable,Golf Course
Committee,Records Management,Grants
(435) 384-2350

Treasurer: Tami B Bennett--Utilities, Business Licenses, Cemetery Records, Accounts Receivable, Dog Licenses, Golf Course Records, City Newsletter, Bank Accounts
(435) 384-2350

Maintenance & Animal Control - Sid Swasey, Rick Price

Golf Course
Golf Pro/Club House: 
(435) 384-2887